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Read what satisfied customers have to say about Lasya Regenerative Serum

Our Latest Testimonial

November 29, 2019

Although Lasya Regenerative Serum is created in Colorado Springs, CO, customers range from all over the globe. Read what a customer from Minnesota had to say about Lasya Regenerative Serum:

" Two years ago I fell and snapped my radius and ulna on my right wrist resulting in an extensive surgery with a plate inserted and a very large cast for 8 weeks.

When the cast was removed my wrist was very deformed and the scar was frightening. 

I was introduced to Lasya Regenerative Serum by a friend and started using the oil 2 to 3 times a day, massaging it to both sides of my wrist. 

At my follow up visit the Orthopedic Surgeon was absolutely amazed at how well the scar had healed and how healthy the tissue looked. He asked me what I was using on it and I shared Lasya with him. His comment was "it looks amazing!"

Last year at my annual skin check up, they found a precancerous lump in my right bicep. It was removed, leaving bruising, swelling and puckered stitching that pulled with every movement. I feared it would never heal and I have a huge scar.

I began applying Lasya Regenerative Serum several times a day to keep it moist and prevent the stitches from drying out.

When I returned to have the stitches removed they came out easy without pulling or pain. Within several months the area was flat and the scar was invisible. My skin doctor was so pleased it healed that fast!

I love this product and I am so grateful to have found it. "

- Annabelle T.

Edina, Minnesota.

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