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Welcome to the new and ancient worlds of skin care where tried-and-true tradition combines with modern biological research.  Lasya combines energy from centuries-old eastern therapies with a blend of the purest naturally derived plant extracts revered for their skin repairing potentiates.  One of the key ingredient into this regenerative serum is the pure healing energy infused into the serum. Hand made in small batches, with the love, care and healing energy made by a energy master, charged with full moon energy makes Lasya an unique one of a kind product that makes all the difference from anything else. Charged with full moon energy and carefully packaged, the energetic and organic components of nature are perfectly fused to deliver a rejuvenating experience like none other.  The improved quality of skin you will see reflected back at you is no mere illusion.  Try it for yourself and see the beauty that nature's finest elements has to offer your skin. 


Our Mission

Lasya's Mission is to improve the human epidermis through a combination of pure energy and pure ingredients in a way never before available to the public.  Therapies and surgeries costing thousands and leaving lasting scars are the opposite approach of Lasya's patented blend of rejuvenation.  The Lasya way is the purest way to treat blemishes and stubborn skin problems that many prescription chemical compounds cannot fix.  Lasya will leave your skin looking years younger and is safe for even the most sensitive skin.  Our clients, and some of the world's foremost QiGong healing centers, swear by Lasya as the most effective regenerative serum on the market today.  We bring this to you because beauty is more than skin deep.  It is achieved through true healing energy conveyed by the purest ingredients on earth. 

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